About field

field’s vision is for people with disability to be included in every aspect of Australian society.

field’s Purpose

field advances this vision by providing learning and development opportunities to promote skills, knowledge and attitudes that enhance the inclusion of people with disability.

For the purposes of this document inclusion is defined as freedom to participate in the life of the community and participation is taken to mean that people with disability experience the wealth of services, relationships and other benefits and responsibilities associated with being a citizen. Learning and development opportunities include training, education, professional and personal development programs; products, resources and tools; and seeding initiatives and pilots; for staff in private, business and not-for-profit organisations; for people with disability; and for individuals and groups in the wider community.
Thus the core business of field is creating learning opportunities that can assist and enhance this process. This includes:

  • Leading new and alternative models of learning and development
  • Developing and delivering targeted training
  • Producing new educational products
  • Providing information about the diverse range of learning events available
  • Conducting forums (both online and offline) on topical issues
  • Facilitating learning networks and partnerships

For further information visit field's resume of recent work

field is about growth, inclusion and creativity .Our name captures the idea of an area of knowledge and expertise plus a sense of space, openness and possibility.

We value:

  • Fairness and equity
  • Ethical professional relationships
  • Equality of access to learning
  • Excellence in service provision
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Development of ourselves and others
  • Redefining mistakes or failures as learning opportunities