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Thursday 28 July 2011

Dr George Taleporos Forum Presentation

Link to Dr George Taleporos  forum presentation

Dr George Taleporos presentation (pdf document 186 kb)

George in the Spotlight

These questions were presented to George at the forum. Questions originally came throught twitter using sda_field

Question: How do you train your staff in areas such as manual handling, standard precautions and confidentiality?#sda_field
Answer: Mainly through shadow shifts. I recommend that people who want to employ their own staff look at the range of courses that are available to the public. There are quite a lot of good short courses that you can pick and choose from to put together a specialised training program for your staff.

Question: Have you had to sack or discipline staff members-what has been your experience here? #sda_field
Answer: You need to be really clear about your expectations from the start.For me, reliability, punctuality and a positive attitude are essential. Also, I suggest employing staff on a casual basis to reduce obligations from both sides if things don't work out.

Question: #sda_field What has been your recruitment strategy ?
Answer: Word of mouth is the best in my experience but there are a range of employment services out there that can also help.

Question: #sda_field what do you do ( or what would you do) if a staff member did not show and it was late at night or early in the morning?
Answer: luckily that hasn't happened but I have family and friends as a backup

Question: #sda_field Do you know many people who have adopted an sda. What is the general feel?
Answer: yes, we all love it and will never go back

Question: #sda_field Has directly employing people yourself impacted on the way your support workers feel about their job?
Answer: The main thing is that it enables them to earn a better rate and it provides more flexibility, less bureaucracy and more direct communication with the person that they are supporting.

Question: #sda_field I also wanted to know did you have any out of pocket expenses setting up your business to employ your own workers?
Answer: Thanks. yes, insurance is the main thing but you can factor that in so it can be recovered through your funding.

Question: #sda_field If you have a disagreement with one of your workers now, how do you deal with this?
Answer: Communicate clearly about what the issue or problem is in the clear about your expectations. Some amount of disagreement is natural and to be expected.

Question: #sda_field What is the difference between the funding administration arrangement (FAA) in the ISP guidelines and SDA?
Answer: Funding administration options are one aspect of self directed approaches

Question: #sda_field Are there any restrictions on who can access SDA?
Answer: Not at the moment but it won't be suitable to everyone as you need to have the skills and knowledge and motivation to do it.

Question: #sda_field How much of your free time is taking up in managing your own funding and workers eg. Paying wages; setting up rosters etc.?
Answer: Approximately half an hour every fortnight and then once a year you need to set aside a weekend to do annual statements and group certificates


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