Victorian State Disability Plan 2013-2016

State plan 2013 to 2016

Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016

On December 19th 2012 the Victorian government released the Victorian state disability plan 2013-16.
A requirement under the Victorian Disability Act 2006 is that the government must develop a state disability plan every four years. 

The plan itself is one of three documents that were released as a suite:

  1. Victorian state disability plan 2013-16
  2. Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016: Implementation plan 2013 and 2014
  3. Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016:  Companion document

All three documents are available in various formats from the Department of Human Services website:


“The Victorian state disability plan 2013–2016 shows how the Victorian Government will work towards achieving its vision of:

An inclusive Victorian society that enables people with a disability, their families and carers to fulfil their potential as equal citizens.” 
(DHS 2012:  Victorian state disability plan: Implementation Plan p.1)

The Premier’s introduction explains that the plan complements and aims to help prepare Victoria for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  The plan builds on the results of previous plans, legislation and policy including a government approach to reducing barriers to access, education and employment.

A joint message from the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary introduces the plan as a resource for everyone across all sectors to enable the continuation of the journey towards self-directed disability services that complement accessible mainstream services, particularly in the areas of health, education and transport.

The plan

The Victorian state disability plan 2012-2016 is written in four sections.

  1. Setting the scene – provides the background for the plan: statistical data, legal landscape, the individual approach
  2. The framework – provides the structure for the plan
  3. Four goals – describes four interconnected goals aiming at long term change
  4. Staying on track – provides the information regarding monitoring of the plan

The framework for the plan is set out below:

Framework for the stateplan
(DHS 2012 Victorian state disability plan:  Implementation plan 2013-2014, p4)


The implementation plan 2013-2014

Two implementation plans will be released for the life of the Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016.  The current implementation plan lasts for the first two years of the state disability plan, and a second will be released for the later two years. 
The implementation plan shows how the government will work towards achieving the vision.

For each of the four goals, the implementation plan describes strategies which are priority areas to focus on towards achieving the goals.

The outcome for each goal is described, and an indicator as one of the monitoring tools used as part of “staying on track”.

Short and medium term actions for each strategy are described and the government department to lead each of these actions is named.
For example:

Goal 4 - Contemporary approach through disability system reform

(DHS 2012 Victorian state disability plan:  Implementation plan 2013-2014, p26)


Companion document

The Victorian state disability plan: Companion document is divided into three sections.  As is indicated by its title it comes an accompaniment to the plan to explain and provide background information and statistics.

  • Section one:  Policy linkages
  • Section two:  Statistical context
  • Section three:  Consultation summary

The first section shows how the Victorian state disability plan fits within the context of legislation and policy, national and international.

The second section provides key demographics relation to the Victorian population and disability.

The third section provides detailed feedback from the consultation that took place on the Draft Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016.

All three documents are available at the Department of Human Services website.