A graduate student’s experiences – Claudette Nel

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  • 18/12/2018

Maree interviewed Claudette Nel who is a recent graduate from Field. Claudette has undertaken 3 qualifications with us. She is now trained in Disability, Aged Care and Leisure & Health. She has undertaken over 30 units of competency and 240 hours of practical placement to get her qualifications.

Maree asked Claudette the reasons why she studied this way and what were some of her observations completing the three courses.

What have you learnt/seen around similarities and differences in the industries and across the roles?

I’ve learnt that each and every individual is treated with respect, dignity and self-determination. To develop a good relationship with the residents.  I was fortunate enough to do my placement for Disability and Leisure & Health at one facility and it gave me insight on how the industry works and how everything is connected. Leisure &Health forms a crucial part of everyday life and it also gives the resident the opportunity to be actively involved.

Why did you want to cross skill yourself in such a way?

I believe that all the roles are interconnected in some or other form. To learn and understand the industry as a whole, gives you a much greater perspective on what to expect.

Do you work in Disability or Aged Care sector?

I am working in an Aged Care Facility.

Do you enjoy your job?


What does your job involve?

As a Lifestyle Assistant I am assisting in the assessment and development of lifestyle plans. I assess each resident individually to record information about their past, current and possible interests/activities, likes and dislikes.

We ensure that as a team we implement lifestyle programs according to the resident’s needs and standards.

Now that you are working in either the Disability or Ageing Support sector, have you become more aware of attitudes and barriers towards disability and aged care within your local community?

I pay more attention to the local community and love to give a helping hand.

Now that you are working, do you have a more balanced home/work lifestyle?

Yes.  I am happy that I have found my passion by means of giving back to the community.

How long did it take you to find your role after you finished studying with Field?

It took me 2 months.

Have you any advice for people thinking about studying the way you did?

I feel that it will benefit you in more ways when you study all three courses. It also gives you a greater understanding of what the industry is all about, what is expected from you and how to be an active worker. It also gives you more opportunities in the different sectors. After I completed my Aged Care Certificate I realised that I wanted to learn more, do more, see more and be part of the industry.

Field gave me the opportunity to achieve not one, but three goals and it has been worth every second.