Maree Ireland’s experience of the NDIS so far…

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  • 05/06/2018
Maree Ireland
Maree Ireland smiling and wearing a red cardigan

It appears that the federal government is committed to fully funding the NDIS, not only in this year’s budget but in future budgets. Hopefully, this reassurance will give more certainty to people with disabilities around having all their support needs met when they start their journey with the NDIS.

As the Every Australian Campaign stated:

“We want to make sure the NDIS is always funded – not just when things are looking good, but in each and every budget, every single year. People with disability need certainty. They need to know the scheme will be there for them when they need it. They are relying on the support the scheme provides – and relying on the government to deliver it.”

I have just started my journey with the NDIS. I’ve had my initial phone contact where I confirmed all my relevant personal details to transfer to the scheme. Luckily, I had my support worker with me to assist me with communication otherwise that conversation would not have happened. I have since received a letter from the NDIA with my NDIS Number, stating that a planner consultant will be in contact in the next few weeks to set up a meeting for my first planning session. 

I was hoping my journey with the NDIS would be a positive experience and I still think it could be. But when I hear feedback, from people already on the scheme, like “my funding was cut” or “I didn’t receive what I need to support my goals”, this fills me with trepidation and concern as to whether I will retain my current level of funding (which I totally need), or whether I can get extra funding to do more activities like swimming and exercising to keep my body moving.

So let’s hope the federal government keeps its promise to be “committed to fully funding the NDIS, not only in this year’s budget but in future budgets” so that all NDIS participants can be totally confident their disability support needs will be fully funded.

And it’s not just people with disability and their families who care deeply about the NDIS. Ordinary Australians have made it very clear they also expect the federal government to fully fund the NDIS.

The roll-out of the NDIS has now become a personal one rather than only a professional one. We will use this space to keep you informed of my personal journey in the coming few months. We will keep you informed about the bigger picture issues around the NDIS and also the growing support for the NDIS.