International Day of People with Disabilities – 3 December 2018

  • 03/12/2018
Maree Ireland
Training delivered with care

This is a reminder that Monday 3rd December 2018 is International Day of People with Disabilities. This day has been nominated to celebrate the lives, successes and feats of people with disabilities. ‘Successes and feats’ should be acknowledged as a wide range of achievements and contributions to society. 

As well as celebrating individual achievements, the day should become a day of recognition of where we ‘sit’ in society with the right and the means (appropriate support) to achieve what we want in our lives. While the NDIS is a great initiative which is assisting individuals with their disability support needs to be able to participate in society; society itself still needs to recognise and accept that people with disabilities are not a cohort of people who need ‘looking after by the NDIS’. We are individuals who want to make something of our lives, within the community in which we live.

International Day of People with Disabilities should become a day of reflection and forward thinking by all of us to take the ‘extra step’ of real recognition and inclusion within our society.

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