The NDIS and being able to retain ‘good’ workers

  • 27/11/2017
Maree Ireland
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It’s one thing to have great ideas to build a grand house to live in, but if the foundations and cornerstones are not solid, and built to last from the beginning, the purpose of the house – to provide comfort and shelter – may not come to fruition.

The NDIS is like that vision of a grand house. A house that has an impressive and magnificent façade and the inside looks majestic and regal. To be able to afford this, it is likely one might cut back on essential items like power connections and points; lights – items which are essential to the workings of a house but can be installed at much cheaper cost. However, this might mean these less expensive fittings may not work properly, or last as long as they should. The house owners might spend more money on replacing these fittings than they would have if they had gotten the more expensive ones from the start.

The NDIS – with the impressive facade of people with disabilities having ‘choice and control’ over their disability supports, and sufficient disability supports to do what they want with their life – all sounds great for people with disabilities.

However, if the foundation of the NDIS – disability support workers – are not going to have their skills properly recognised and appreciated, then the whole purpose of the NDIS will not come to fruition. People with disabilities will not be able to attract and retain the kind of workers they want to assist them to live their lives in the manner they choose.

We need to be able to afford disability support workers who have been well trained. People with disabilities and their families / supporters need to be certain that we will be able to retain disability support workers who have been well trained. We need to be confident that our workers will be able to keep working in this sector and have an independent, productive and satisfying life.

Like house owners spending more money on their house fittings from the start, we need to be confident that we will be able to retain our well trained workers into the future.

NOTE: The above post contains my personal views only and not those of Field

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