My (lack of) experience with the NDIS

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  • 26/07/2018
Maree Ireland
Maree Ireland smiling and wearing a red cardigan

After my initial phone contact with the NDIA in April, to confirm my personal details to be transferred to them, I was told I would be contacted in 4 to 6 weeks to set up a date and time for a planning meeting with them. 

I am still waiting for that phone call. 

However, yesterday I received a letter from the Victorian DHHS saying I will soon be transferred to the NDIA and saying what I need to do once I have transferred to the NDIA.

In the meantime, I have been thinking and writing down what my disability needs are at present and what my needs may be in the future. I have been collecting documented evidence, for example, from my doctor, to support my requests for further disability support and funding.

But for now, I just wait for further contact with them…