New ideas on ageing

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  • 28/08/2018
admin Course Instructor, Field
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Watch these videos to see how these clever ideas are helping elderly people to connect with their community, solve loneliness and share their knowledge.

Brave New World – How an elderly home became a place for innovation | Patrick Stoffer | TEDxSaxionUniversity

Patrick Stoffer believes that with the development and use of creative and innovative ideas a new style of ‘living space’ can be created where the elderly can live together with other community members to share ideas, friendships and still feel part of the community.


In England 1 in 3 elderly people suffer from loneliness | Russel Howard

English comedian, Russel Howard, talks about how 1 in 3 elderly people suffer from loneliness in England. He also talks about how English youth between the ages of 18 to 35 also suffer from loneliness. 

He shows us how local councils are setting up ‘social groups’ where these people can meet, get to know each other; swap life stories; do different activities together and become good friends.

He also says we should just start talking to each other in everyday situations. It has a humorous tone to a serious issue in today’s society.