Spring changes

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  • 11/09/2019
Red flowers behind Field logo

With each new season comes change so it is timely that September brings with it a lot of changes for Field, too!

After this month Field will no longer offer accredited training (as a Registered Training Organisation). Nor will we be known as ‘Field’.
We will continue to provide non-accredited industry training as Independence Australia.
For those of you who have completed short courses (accredited) and qualifications, you are not impacted! As Field were registered with (the) Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) at the time of issuing this to you, your Certificate will continue to be nationally recognised.
We are very excited about this change and opportunity as, amongst other things, it will allow us to diversify our training methodology and move into the online learning space.

Thank you to the recipients of Field Revealed who have been involved, shared profiles, outcomes and experiences, and engaged in Maree’s blog. We are so proud of all our graduates and wish you all the best in your careers within the community support sector.  As mentioned though, we will still be providing short course training, so we are sure that we will see many of you still, and again!