The value of an award – The National Disability Awards

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  • 26/07/2018
Three shiny trophies - gold, silver and bronze

Acknowledging an individual or an organisation’s efforts has traditionally involved the presentation of an award. But what happens when the Federal Government decides they don’t want to support the awards ceremony anymore?

Most people love to receive awards, some recognition for their involvement and achievement in their work, sport, arts, or career. Some people accept them with pride while others may not value their worth so much. However, such awards retain their status no matter what the cost. People with disabilities and those who stand by us are no different. Some people with disabilities value receiving an award for their achievements.

The National Disability Awards have been sponsored and delivered as a stand-alone event for years by the Department of Social Services (DSS). These awards have been valued by the community as recognition for the selfless work by individuals and organisations over many years.

This year it appears that the Federal Government is giving up the sponsorship of these awards to save money. The Government stated:

‘The Australian Government is changing the way we celebrate International Day of People with Disability. In 2018, the Government will no longer run the National Disability Awards as the main celebration of International Day of People with Disability.

In 2018 the Government will instead support a range of national programs and award schemes to celebrate International Day of People with Disability and raise the profile of disability in Australia. By supporting national award programs, we aim to diversify audiences and promote the achievements of people with disability more widely.’


What do you think?

By no longer being a standalone awards event, will it decrease the value of these National awards, or by including them in other awards will they reach a wider, diverse audience and increase their value?

If you feel strongly about this, you can e-mail the Minister for Social Services, Dan Tehan as well as your national member of Federal Parliament and Senators expressing your concern on the devaluing of the National Disability Awards.