Trainer experiences – Lola Nicolouleas

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  • 23/08/2018
A small group of adult learners reviewing paperwork at a circular table

We wanted some feedback on how our students were enjoying their classroom studies so we asked our disability trainer, Lola Nicolouleas, a few questions about her experience in the Field classroom.

As a Field trainer, what has been your most informative/enjoyed topic of discussion in your classroom?

Sex and disability! Being still so taboo, sex is an interesting topic when talking about normalising disability and empowering our consumers.  

What has been the least informative/enjoyed topic of discussion?

Abuse is always the least enjoyed topic. Unfortunately some of the case studies shared can be really devastating. The history of institutions is also another topic that isn’t enjoyed very much. 

What have been some reasons given from students for wanting to work in the disability or aged sectors?

Money and security are generally the reasons given for students wanting to work in disability. Also, lots of parents who need flexible working hours.