Travel and holidays

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  • 05/04/2019

There is no doubt that people love holidays and to be able to get away from the mundane routine of daily life.

Well, so do people with disabilities and older people. The only difference is usually it might take a few days or weeks to organise a trip and then you can be off; whereas for people with disability and older people, a holiday can take months to plan.

Deciding where to go; how accessible is the place and sightseeing spots; is there accessible accommodation which you can use, and not what the owners think is accessible; how will you get there?  And the questions go on!

  • Have you ever assisted a person or a group of people to go on a holiday somewhere, either interstate or overseas?
  • How much research and follow-up work were involved in this? 
  • Did you find any information or websites that were very helpful?

Can you share your experiences and information with us by emailing it to [email protected]