What a success!

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  • 23/08/2018
Colin wearing his new black suit jacket and rust coloured shirt

Field asked one of our trainees, Colin Lacivita, about his recent fitting with Wear for Success and the wonderful new outfit he received.

Phoebe: How would you describe your experience with Wear for Success?

Colin: Really good – amazing service – with added compassion and caring for my perfect fitting.

Phoebe: What did you enjoy most?

Colin: The thing I liked best was the caring nature of the staff who were made available to me – from measuring my neck size and chest and waist size, to taking the time to really listen to me – to what I liked best in clothing styles and colours.

Phoebe: Tell us about your new outfit!

Colin: Well first it was incredible – the shoes were my size (a 12 wide fitting) – I can never find my size in the stores; I was given a beautiful, soft comfy black pair of Hush Puppies shoes. I was also given a black single breasted suit jacket and black pants to go with the jacket. If that was not enough, I was provided with two lovely dress up shirts, one in a gorgeous burgundy colour and one shirt in a sky blue colour. The fitting came to an end when the last item was handed over to me – a slim smart brown leather belt – just perfect! 

Phoebe: Would you recommend Wear for Success to others?

Colin: Yes most definitely – I would honestly recommend Wear for Success to anyone in need of a new outfit. Just make sure you get to say hello to Peter and Jackie – these two were the most wonderful, most courteous staff that give their all in fitting you and getting you to look great in your new outfit. I also want to thank some of the staff there that came outside to greet me as I was walking in. A final thank you to Phoebe Neilson from Field who went out of her way to set up the appointment time and date thanks Phoebe!

Click here for more about Wear for Success on their website.