What to do when you are on unplanned holidays

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  • 12/02/2019

In January I took a few week’s leave, to be able to get to the night sessions of the Australian Open, but with no planned trips or travel.  

This left me with a lot of spare time during the days.  I thought to myself “If I was away (on holidays), I would search out some sights in that place that I could visit and learn about.”    

So, why not do that in Melbourne! I thought about the Melbourne Cricket Ground and asked my support worker to ring and ask if there was a tour of the MCG and whether it was wheelchair accessible.  They said it was, so my friend, my support worker and I set off for our MCG tour.

It was a very interesting tour. We learnt about the history of the ground and got to sit on the edge of the playing field. We saw the players’ dressing rooms (no players present, unfortunately); gym; heated/ice tub; and media room. We also saw the Members’ floor including their viewing area of the ground itself. We learnt some interesting facts, for example, it takes 7 years for a person to become a member of the MCG.

On another day I decided to do a tour of the Arts Centre in St Kilda Road. Again, this tour was of the whole building – the various theatres and explanations of why they were built that way. One interesting fact was that part of the ceiling consisted of 3000 small golden cups, which look exquisite. However, years later, when fire sprinklers were installed, they found the water would not go through because the cups caught the water. So, they had to employ tradesmen to drill small holes in the cups to enable the water to do its purpose.

So even when you don’t go away, there are several places in Melbourne that support workers and people with disabilities can visit and learn more about. In fact, most places are accessible these days.